My Alphabet Colouring and Learning Notebook feat. Staedtler Design Journey 72 Colouring Pencils

I designed this colouring notebook in 2020 remembering the 5 year old me with a love for colouring in, drawing my own imaginary characters and being obsessed with having perfect handwriting! 

I also remember the struggle of having to blend 3 to 4 colours together to get the perfect shade of brown to represent my skin colour as I could rarely find the nearest brown that represented me. I was also inspired by popular questions some Sunday school kids used to enjoy asking me like, “miss, can you draw me? but with my kinda hair?” or “can you draw me with braids and make my nose round?” 

So, in light of that, it really was with joy to create a unique colouring book that girls and boys can see themselves in, with their curls, fros and braids and enjoy colouring themselves and friends in whatever their complexion.

Now, Staedtler actually created the “People of the World” colouring pencils back in ‘96. A range of 12 skin shade colours specifically for colouring people of different nationalities.So to have this set accompany my colouring notebook is like my childhood dream come true! And they’re all included in the 72 piece Design Journey colouring set that comes with the colouring notebook, so your kids can definitely bask in colour galore!

So nice to see manufacturers recognise representation in their products so, big thanks Staedtler UK for sponsoring me on this project, shout out to the lovely Alex at Staedtler UK for making it possible and my little sisters for helping me come up with the alphabet words.

With handwriting trace sheets to practice pencil control, an illustrated alphabet of positive and empowering words to stimulate a healthy mind, an illustrated sticker sheet and cute plain note pages, I hope your kids ages 4+ will love, learn and enjoy this colouring notebook as much as I did creating it 

Children's A4 Alphabet Colouring & Learning Notebook with Staedtler Design Journey 72 Colouring Pencils set