European/International Customs Tax & Duties Obligations

Due to Brexit, orders shipped into Europe will have to go through custom clearance, this means that orders placed as of 1 July 2021 from Ariane Illustration UK, imported into the EU will have to go through the country destinations Customs Clearance. Ariane Illustration currently adopts a DDU (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping fulfilment for EU orders which means Ariane Illustration is responsible for delivering both the goods and an invoice or other documents that prove a customer can legally take possession of the goods. 

Obligations & processes of DDU Shipping

In short, the DDU terms places the onus on Ariane Illustration being responsible for any licenses and formalities required to ship the order to the agreed-upon destination where customers will be able to collect their order. Customer orders will be sent to the specific agreed place on the port of origin on the order, which is where the responsibility is transferred from Ariane Illustration to the customer once the order has arrived at the destination country.

Packages will be held in customs on arrival in the destination country. At this point, Ariane Illustration relinquishes the responsibility thereafter and the customer must collect the goods at the point of origin and then bear the costs. An invoice will then be raised for any tax and duties and sent to the customer. Once the customer pays, the parcel will be released.

All orders are fully trackable end to end via the tracking number provided during order fulfilment and designated courier details will be available online to check the order journey.

Customers are advised to take possession of the goods at the main delivery location once they have arrived in their country as soon as possible to avoid any further delays. Customers are financially responsible for delivery to their own chosen premises, import duties and taxes, customs formalities in their country, and or any unloading costs.

This includes paying for any other various fees associated with importing and transportation from the initial delivery point.

An advantage of Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) shipping, is its capacity to track orders efficiently. It is significantly easier to track an order package within one's own country than it is once it has left and is in the hands of another. This allows orders from Ariane Illustration in the UK all the way to the target country, after which the customer takes possession of it and has complete control over when and where the items are delivered and unloaded.

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